Friday, 16 March 2012

My GT List 2012

Hi guys. As promised   my new army list that i will be taking to the 40k UK Grand Tournament next weekend. Ill start by showing you my list and then going through each unit as what role they will play in my army and why i am taking them. Any comments would be great.


Overlord Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs 
Catacomb Command Barge

Royal Court:
3 Harbingers of Destruction, 1 Solar Pulse

Overlord Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave
Catacomb Command Barge

Royal Court:
3 Harbingers of Destruction, 1 Solar Pulse

Triarch Stalker

5 Warriors
5 Warriors
5 Warriors
5 Warriors 

Fast Attack:

5 Wraiths , 3 Whip Coils
5 Wraiths , 3 Whip Coils , 1 Particle Caster

Heavy Support:
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge 

so firstly my HQ's.....

Now one thing im not going to claim is that this is my unique set up, near enough everyone who plays necrons will see this at some point. The reason I have chosen to use an Overlord on Command Barge is that as a pair they can be lethal, they negate alot of fire power from your wraiths and if they survive they can cause carnage. with there strength 7 Warscythe and 2D6 Armour penetration they are just too good not to take. Also giving them Mindhshackle Scarabs makes them even more dangerous when they are on foot, who doesnt like watching a special character kill himself before moving on to the next without even throwing a punch?   A great addition to any necron army , great anti tank, great for assaulting individual characters  Mephiston, Sanguinor etc and the likes of daemon princes.

In my Royal Court i have 3 Harbingers of Destruction and one has a Solar Pulse. I chose to take the Destructeks due to there Strength 8 AP 2 shot , having 2 courts meens i can have 2 units of warriors with 2 lances in each , My Tacticts with these is to leave them in the warrior units and Camp inside Terrain, If needed take a couple of turns moving and shooting  to reach a nearby objective. Which is another thing that is great about there weapons, who doesnt like a strength 8 shot that you can move into position if needed?

Next is my Elite choice...

Now a few people disagree with my choice to take this but i find that they can be incredible if used right. To fit this guy in i had to drop 2 Destructeks which wasnt really a problem since i had 2 melta shots at 24 inch range in place of there lances, so i was dropping new shots and gaining another AV13 Walker. This model comes in to play when you have a "MUST KILL" unit in the enemies army. How many times have you fired all of your crypteks and missed? Its not a good feeling but with this guy if he shoots at the "MUST KILL" unit and fails to destroy it anything else shooting at the same target is twin linked. This can be so helpful and can have a big influence on how the game unfolds. Also if he gets in to close range he has a nice flamer option which the necron army is lacking. He also gives a bit more survivability to the barges, If you have a walker with 2 Melta shots coming towards you and 2 Command barges makes Target priority a problem for your opponent. I really love this guy and plan on using him for a very long time, Never leave home without your Stalker :) 

4 , 5 man Warrior units....

I've never been a fan of big troop units so this is not necessarily the best option but more my personal taste. i use them to hide , run and capture objectives, its an extra 5 wounds for my destructeks so not much to say about them really so ill move on.....

now my favourite unit in the codex....


Wraiths , Wraiths , Wraiths, I love them. They are fairly expensive but definitely worth it for what they do. they move like jump infantry, ignore terrain for movement, have a load of attacks , rending and a 3+ invulnerable save. Who can not want a unit of Wraiths in there army, Adding the Whip Coils just makes them aload better! Its like having a bowl full of Ice Cream, Perfect as it is but add Chocolate sauce and your in heaven :) ... I use my 2 units of  Wraiths to steam infront of my army and go for the biggest scariest thing, if needed they can tie things up for a couple of turns to allow the rest of my army to deal with the not so threatening units.The only problem i have had with Wraiths is assaulting Paladins, They really do struggle, or it could just be that i had an unlucky game. It also makes a great assault unit when teaming up with a Mindshackle lord. I I will go in to Wraiths in more detail in a future post but it would be great to see how many you run in your army, if any? :O .

Now on to the Heavy support

3 Annihilation Barges....

Now, these are sometimes under rated and ignored by people who are not aware of what they can do. They are incredibly useful for taking out infantry and light armoured tanks. How, one word... TESLA!.... When rolling 4 twin linked shots and for every 6 you roll you get another 2 hits, so when fireing 3 of these in to anything your going to roll a few 6's  ( unless your unlucky ) a few games ago i shot at a Marine Biker unit , i rolled 3 6's from one barge and 2 6's from the other 2 barges, thats  10 strength 7 hits from a 4 shot weapon, and 8  hits from each of the other 2 barges. Now whilst that is a bit of luck that shows the output that these Annihilation Barges can do. And then you have the Ark which can also be deadly. I sit all 3 close together  towards the back of my board and if needed move them closer, they are a great gun platform and form a solid part of my list.

So thats the breakdown of my current list which i plan on using for a while.  Any feedback would be great  and if i wrote way too much for a single post, please let me know :) thanks for reading and keep checking back for future posts! 


  1. Hi again.
    So I have been looking through your list and your comments on every choice you made. First i want to say that you should not take my comments to hard. I want to help you kick ass with your necrons as I am planning to do with mine. Now lets get down to business, as you know from earlier replies, I am against using low model troop (scoring) units that has to walk to objectives without mech or veil to help them out if they get pinned down by a CC unit. I still think you need either veil or ghost arc to get your troops to the objectives safely. Think about it, 5 warriors with 4+ armor save and 5+ reanimation, (same odds as a 3+ save marine). In tournament play this is not enough to be competitive.

    Your HQ should have been mentioned first but i felt that your warriors was a priority to write about. So lets analyze your HQ. One word, Awesome =). I love them, and i will be stealing your setup for my own list, since i see no fault in it. Well one thing, i want sept weave on both.

    Triarch stalker, hmm what is to say about this unit, well its a nice anti-tank if you get within 12" of a vehicle, But do you really wanna? The rest of your army is built around being around 20" from enemy shooting their ass off. having a 150pt unit potshotting at 24" with 2 shots str 8 instead of having 2 more destroteks seems like a bad idea both pts wise and play wise. AV 13 is nice but its not immune to dying, its not only meltaguns that takes down AV13, enough torrent of str 8 shooting will take them down sooner or later, If it was AV14 i would understand.
    One stalker wont help your saturation of AV13 vehicles either.

    2x5 wraiths are nice on paper, but do you really need 2 units of CC in a shooty list? I can understand one unit working as a counter-assault unit incase someone gets through your shooting (or maybe deepstrike within your lines). I strongly think you need some scarabs to either help with your anti-tank or just using them as tarpiting CC units while you set-up fire lanes. I know you like them (so do I) but 2 units is not what you want in this army, You need to think about how you want your army to function,,, 1. I want to shoot alot. 2. I want to shoot more. 3. If enemy still reach me i want to handle it and then shoot more.

    So finally your Heavy choices.
    Nothing to say about your 3x A-barges. I love them as well, they kick ass. I would however sacrifce 1 to get pts over to put more power to the list like veilteks, immortals, scarabs, etc.

    Let me give you a senario on what can happen on a tournament.
    Lets pit your list against a loganwing, His 5 units of wolfguards with a cyclone in each + 2 storm bolters and a meltagun. These units will be at around 20-24" shooting your troop choices to pieces, His lonewolfs will rush forward making you commit your wraiths to stop them but with their 2+/3+/FNP they will slowly eat your wraiths away. His thunderwolf cavalry will speed up and try to attack your warrior units in CC and wipe them out, so you will most likely be forced to shoot at them to stay alive leaving his shooty units to wreck havoc. Your solar pulses wont save you much vs his acute senses so what is your options here?. Well for once you need something to get away from his CC units, you need more shooting, you need sacrificial units. (NO you dont want to sacrifice either scoring units or expensive Wraith units).

    Well i would like to elaborate this more but I have been working afternoon shift tonight and came home to my wife and 2 of my youngest children being sick, puking on and off,,Its not a pretty sight, This will have to do for now.

    ps. have you converted a triarch stalker or did you buy a forgeworld model?. I have heard they will be released in the second wave, but with GW you never know.

  2. Ok in my own opinion i think the GT will see the 1st wave of anit-necron lists and tactics to counter them such as double Manticore IG ect, so be prepared for some new style lists.

    For me everything goes through the wraiths if they dont work then you will have a massive struggle doing anything. The barges are effective (although spammed :( ) but as you are reliant on them doing lots of things so you also need the luck to keep things going.

    While i expect you to do well i think there is a lot of opportunity for it to go wrong which you have decided to ignore for an all the eggs in the basket approach, be interesting to see how you do.

  3. Did you give up on your necrons or whats going on??. Been a month since any update.